Pronounced "Ah-kay-see-ah"

Acacia is an Oracle of Fire, the twin sister of Sapphira Adi. She first appears in Eye of the Oracle.

Life Edit

Acacia, along with Sapphira and their friend Paili, lived and worked as a slave in the magnatite mines of the third circle. When the two sisters were caught sneaking food, Acacia lied to accept sole blame. Sapphira inadverdently betrayed her by not speaking up, allowing Morgan to push Acacia into the magma river without suffering the fatal effects of spilling her blood. The river was actually a portal, which led to Dragons Rest. There Acacia was imprisoned in a statue and spent many years learning from Enoch, along with other slave girls who had been pushed into the river. Eventually they were freed by Sapphira. When Paili unintentionally ate the fruit of the tree of knollege of good and evil, Acacia carried her across the Bridgelands to Heaven's altar, where she and Paili stayed until Enoch's Ghost. Then she went with Elam to Second Eden, and helped them to operate portals and energize the bones of Makaidos for the resurrection ceremonies. In The Bones of Makaidos Acacia was betrayed by Mardon(the mad scientist who gave her life), and sacrificed herself to save Billy. In doing so she saved Earth and Second Eden.