Basic Facts Edit

Charles Reginald Bannister ( Matt Bannister ) was introduced at the end of Bones of Makaidos. His twin sister is Karen Acacia Bannister. His parents are Bonnie and Billy Bannister. Charles is named after Charles Hamilton,and his middle name is after his grandfather, Jared Bannister former dragon. Reginald was Jared's Royal name when King Author took him in to hide him from slayers . Charles Bannister's name is now Matt, and he was taken away from Bonnie and Billy Bannister, and his twin sister, Karen Bannister, who's name is now Lauren, by the Enforcers. Matt is 16 when he first meets his real parents and twin sister. Matt has the dragon abiltiy to sense danger, and also the ability to heal, which was passed down by the queen of the dragons, Thigocia. He has a unusually high internal temperature, which is similar to the dragons on Second Eden that has yet to be explained. He went to the military after being tortured by deadly pranks by his adoptive sister Darcy. He is well trained in every part of the army.