Chayil is a dragon never mentioned directly in the books. However, Mr. Davis inserted him as a character in the family tree to tie up loose ends. He is portrayed only on the "Family Tree" page of "The Bones of Makaidos" as the mate of Maven, and the father of Gartrand, Carboni, and Legossi.


Grandfather: Arramos

Grandmother: Shachar

Uncle(s): Hilidan, Clirkus

Aunt(s): Zera, Ruwach

Father: Makaidos

Mother: Thigocia

Mate: Maven

Brother(s): Goliath, Valcor, Gabriel

Sister(s): Roxil, Hartanna, Firedda, Sorentine, Martinesse, Yellinia, Alithia, Ashley

Son: Gartrand

Daughter(s): Carboni, Legossi

Nieces: Listener, Mariel, Shiloh, Bonnie Silver

Nephew(s): Clefspeare, Thomas