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A dragon from the cover of Circles of Seven

Dragons are winged, serpentine creatures that can breathe fire.  They can live hundreds to thousands of years.  The Slayers believed that dragons are all creatures of the Devil, yet they have the capability to be either good or evil like other creatures.


In the books, the male dragons are reddish brown with scarlet red eyes, and females are orange and beige in color.  Males are larger than females. 

Raising DragonsEdit

During the days of Merlin, most of the dragons had been hunted down and killed by the Slayers.  There were twelve dragons still loyal to Eden.  In order to protect them Merlin helped them to go into hiding as humans (with the exception of Gartrand who betrayed them and was killed by the Slayers).  Their children still possessed "dragon traits" such as breathing fire or having wings.  Eventually Clefspeare was the first dragon to be changed back into his true form, followed by Hartanna in the second book.  The dragons also fought in the battle during Tears of A Dragon.

Dragon Family TreeEdit

This family tree features the dragons and their anthrozil offspring.  There are twenty-three dragons and nine anthrozils on the tree.  As this tree was created before The Children of the Bard was published, Matt(Charles) and Lauren(Karen) Bannister do not appear on the tree.

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The family tree in the beginning of The Bones of Makaidos