The cover of Eye of the Oracle

Eye Of The Oracle
is the first book of the Oracles of Fire series and a prequel to the events of Dragons in our Midst and the rest of Oracles Of Fire. It details the origins of the dragons and of Excalibur, and also introduces Sapphira/Mara and Acacia, the Oracles Of Fire, and Elam, Gabriel, Timothy, and some of the first dragons.


The book begins with Lilith and Naamah, two sisters who attempt to steal from the Tree of Life . Their plans against Elohim are explained, as is their acquisition of Excalibur, fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, and seeds from the Tree of Life. The Flood, told from the point of view of Makaidos and Thigocia, is next described and the Ovulum is introduced. Finally the reader meets the protagonist and narrator for the rest of the book, a slave girl named Mara. She is a genetically-created experiment of Mardon, who works mining magnetite to help raise the giant army Mardon is creating on behalf of Lilith, now called Morgan, and Naamah. Mara is unique because of her intelligence, which is far higher than that of the Underborns (as she and her fellow workers are known). She comes, through the story, to know Elohim and work against her former mistress, Morgan. Most of the story chronicles her behind-the-scenes work as she helps to protect dragons and anthrozils who are unaware of her existence. Meanwhile she experiences her own emotional struggles brought on by thousands of years entirely alone and a sense of abandonment.