Basic FactsEdit

Gabriel Drake is an anthrozil with dragon wings. His parents are Makaidos and Thigocia and he is Ashley's older brother by about forty years. After being turned into light energy by the sword excaliber at age thirteen, he became a guardian to other children like himself. He was Shiloh's invisible guardian until she was captured by Morgan at age fifteen. He was Ashley's gaurdian until she was two, saving her when their parents died. He was Bonnie's guardian from when she was five to when she was fourteen and was even with her in the candlestone. Only a few people could see him in his light form, Sapphira and Acacia had the ability, and Ashley had when she was small. Bonnie saw him only once. In The Bones of Makaidos, it is revealed that Gabriel always had feelings for Shiloh, but didn't like to admit it. In the epilogue of The Bones of Makaidos, it is revealed that Gabriel has married Shiloh and that they are expecting a child.