Karen Acacia Bannister was introduced at the end of Bones of Makaidos, where, as a newborn, she surprises her parents with her hot breath. Her twin brother is Charles Bannister. Their parents are Bonnie and Billy Bannister. Karen was named after Karen, Billy's adopted sister, and her middle name after Billy and Bonnie's good Oracle friend, Acacia, that died when the dragon slayer Devin tried to kill Billy and Acacia jumped in the way. She is one of the main characters in The Song of the Ovulum. She is introduced as Lauren in Song of the Ovulum for when she was less than a year old she was taken away from her parents and separated from her twin brother. her dragon traits allow her to hear things so well sometimes she can hear people's thoughts. She also has a trait that she got from Shachar, the first female dragon, which allows her to glow because she has scales under her skin. She later in the book From The Mouth Of Elijah became an Oracle Of Fire in spirit and in the very last book became a full one and has all of the fiery traits. She is last portrayed as Eagle's (A Earth human re-born Second Edener) "Girl Friend"