Legossi was a female dragon who, when disguised as a human, was called Rebekah.


Legossi was a daughter of Maven and Chayil. Her sister was Carboni, her brother Gartrand. After her transformation Legossi changed her name to Rebekah and likely got married to a human. She was three months pregnant when Devin killed her. Her unborn daughter was sent to Second Eden and was named Angel. Angel married Goliath, then known as Dragon, who was already Legossi's uncle from both her mother and her father's side. Angel also adopted two children: Candle and Listener. Listener, the birth daugther of Sorentine and Gartrand, was thus both Legossi's niece and her adoptive grandaughter.


Legossi was born into the sixth and fifth generations of dragons, but the era, much less the date, of her birth is unknown. She was a mature dragoness, and unmarried, at the time of King Arthur, when she was transformed along with her kin at Bald Top. Whether she took different names over the years is unknown, but as a human during Dragons in Our Midst and Oracles of Fire she answered to Rebekah. She was resurrected with others in Circles of Seven, and chose human form in Tears of a Dragon. In The Bones of Makaidos she joined the other transformed females- all her aunts, with the exception of Carboni- in the mines. There she was involved a skirmish, and then accidentally imprisoned in the caves with Firedda, or Dallas, Bonnie, and Sapphira. She hid with her fellow dragon during the following Caitiff attack, and consequently was not present to see Sapphira and Bonnie flee through the portal to Abbadon's Home. She then traveled to Second Eden and resumed her draconic form, along with the other former dragons. She participated in the following battle.


She showed herself to be brave and decisive, volunteering for dangerous tasks and risking herself to help others. She was also energetic; Gabriel once described her as a "ball of fire." She never showed signs of despair during her imprisonment underground, always encouraging the others and holding onto faith. She often showed leadership; her ability to think on her feet and her cool head led her to give instructions during crisises.