Background Edit

Makaidos was the son of Arramos and Shachar. He married Thigocia. Their children included Goliath, Firedda, Maven, Chayil, Roxil, Hartanna, Valcor, Gabriel, and Ashley. Makaidos is killed alongside his daughter, Roxil, by Devin and Palin during the days of King Arthur. Roxil and Makaidos are transported to a replica of the ancient city of Shinar, the kingdom that built the Tower of Babel, as humans. Makaidos decides to rebuild it saying he likes the symbolism of it all. The two meet Sapphira Adi, who resurrects the other dead dragons, including Makaidos's mother, Shachar, his younger sister, Zera, and his nephew, Hilidan, later known as Brogan and nicknamed "Frankie" by Shiloh. Later, Makaidos is resurrected and rejoins his wife, Thigocia, now using the name of Hannah and the two later have a human wedding. Makaidos takes the human name of Timothy Autarkeia and later changes it to Timothy Drake before his children, Gabriel and Ashley, are born. When Ashley was two, Timothy and Hannah were murdered by Devin. Makaidos next shows up in the Second Eden hospital, again going under the name of Timothy Autarkeia. He sacrifices himself in the place of Listener to get his daughters, Ashley and Roxil, to believe in God. Timothy is then resurrected in The Bones of Makaidos, in his dragon form where he helps the Second Edeners win the war against Arramos. He later reconciles with his rebellious son, Goliath, when he sacrifices himself in Makaidos's stead.

Eye of the OracleEdit

Makaidos is introduced in the Eye of the Oracle as the son of Arramos and Shachar. In the beginning of the book, Arramos orders Makaidos and Thigocia to go to Noah's ark and to reproduce. At first, Makaidos hesitates the order of his father but Thigocia manages to change his mind. He is at first hesitatant to marry Thigocia but later passes through the covenant veil and as they near the end of their journey on the ark, he eagerly looks forward to becoming a father.