Life Edit

Sorentine was a dragoness. She is the daughter of Makaidos and Thigocia. She went through the covenant veil with Gartrand. Just before the transformation, however, Gartrand betrayed the dragons and was killed by Devin, so Sorentine was without a mate as a human. By that time she was within a week of giving birth, but Devin killed her a few days before her child was born. Her unborn daughter (Listener) was sent to the Valley of Souls, then Second Eden.


Sorentine was known among her sibling for not being the sharpest of the family. She was quite careless while in hiding as a human, leaving Devin a trail to follow and unwittingly giving him leads on the other dragons. On the other hand, she was very trusting and loyal, serving the dragons well in battle. She was also known to be a loving and caring mother, singing often to her unborn youngling and breaking into tears upon realizing Listener was that same child.