Yellinia was a dragoness known in her human form as Dorian. She was originally introduced in Circles of Seven

Circles of SevenEdit

In the end of Circles of Seven, Billy revives Thigocia and the other dead dragons from their years and years of being dead. But since Bonnie isn't also revived and the need arouses to transport her, Thigocia calls out to Yellinia and Firedda to help form the Hammock Pyramid

The Bones of MakaidosEdit

She reappears at the beginning of The Bones of Makaidos with the other transformed dragons, anthrozils, and Sapphira in hiding the the mines where Sapphira was born. When they are attacked by the Caitiff and the Helicopter Unit, she acts as a lookout while Dr. Saunders (Alithia) is treating wounds.  During the second half of the book Yellinia fights in the battle for Second Eden.  She is weakend by a candlestone that is carried by Sir Devin, whom exploits her weakness and stabs her in the stomach.


She is called "gentle one" by her mother, Thigocia, in The Bones of Makaidos. Thigocia then commented to Legossi that warriors are rarely considered gentle, implying that Yellinia was not one, or at least not trained as one. However, she later participated in battle; possible she was trained during her four years in Second Eden.


Grandfather: Arramos

Grandmother: Shachar

Uncle(s): Hilidan, Clirkus

Aunt(s): Zera, Ruwach

Father: Makaidos

Mother: Thigocia

Mate: None

Brother(s): Goliath, Valcor, Gabriel, Chayil

Sister(s): Roxil, Hartanna, Firedda, Sorentine, Martinesse, Alithia, Ashley

Nieces: Listener, Mariel, Shiloh, Bonnie Silver

Nephew(s): Clefspeare, Thomas